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Membership Information


Don’t just visit the Y, stay for a while! When you’re a member of the YMCA, you’re a member of a positive force in your community. There’s no limit to the positive impact that you can make on your own life and the lives of others, from enjoying your health, engaging with friends and giving back to those in need—what you do with your membership is entirely up to you.

At the Y, we exist to strengthen the community. Together with people like you, we nurture the potential of kids, help people understand and improve their health, and provide opportunities to give back and support neighbors. So join our cause and create meaningful change not just for you, but also for your community.

Join the Y today. It just may change your life.

Downtown Springfield YMCA: 413.739.6951 

Scantic Valley YMCA: 413.596.2749 

YMCA of Greater Springfield Branch Membership Rates

Paid Monthly

Adult Ages 26-64$19.95$46$50
One Adult Family----$63$68
Two Adult Family----$73$83
Senior 65+$19.95$40$42
Senior Couple 65+----$54$58
Young Adult Ages 20-25$19.95$34$40
Teen Ages 12-19$19.95$26$30
Join Fee$25$65$100

YMCA of Greater Springfield Branch Amenities

Nation Wide (Able to visit any participating Y in the U.S.)----
No Contracts
Financial Assistance----
Guest Privileges----
Wellness Floor
Group Exercise Classes
Indoor Track-----
Childwatch/Club House--------
Full Size Gymnasium--------
Lap Pool/Warm Therapy Pool--------
Program Discount/Priority Registration----

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Join Fee

A one-time Join Fee is payable for new members and members who do not renew within 30 days of their expiration date. These funds are used for equipment purchases and facility renovations.

Automatic Payment Plan

Automatic payments through your checking or savings account, or your MasterCard or VISA, are withdrawn on the 1st or the 5th of each month. If there are insufficient funds, a subsequent withdrawal will be made by the end of the month and a $15 returned funds fee is added.

Fees & Refunds

Membership fees are due in full at the time of registration, or monthly through an authorized bank draft from a checking, savings, or credit card (MasterCard or VISA) account.

Membership accounting discrepancies must be presented in writing within 30 days of the discrepancy. The YMCA of Greater Springfield is not responsible for membership accounting discrepancies brought to their attention after 30 days of discrepancy.

Program fees, such as swim lessons, are non-refundable once the session has started regardless of attendance. If the YMCA must cancel a class due to weather, maintenance issues, or staffing challenges, a credit or make-up class will be offered.

Membership Cancellation Policy

Member Right to Immediate Cancellation: You may cancel your membership without penalty or further obligation within the first thirty (30) days of your membership activation by submitting in writing your notice of cancellation.* All membership fees paid to the YMCA, including the Join Fee, will be refunded to you.

Member Ongoing Right to Cancellation: After the first thirty (30) days of membership, you may cancel the remainder of your membership by submitting in writing your notice of cancellation.* You will be responsible for the next month's dues. The Join Fee is NOT refundable after the first thirty (30) days of membership.

* A written cancellation notice must be submitted in person or by mail. Email or faxes will not be accepted.

Early Learning Center and Before/After School Families

Families enrolled in the YMCA of Greater Springfield childcare programs, Early Learning Centers and/or Before/After School care, receive a 50% discount on a family membership at the Downtown Springfield Y or Scantic Valley Y.

Military Outreach Initiative

The YMCA of Greater Springfield, partnered with the Armed Services YMCA and the U.S. Department of Defense, offers free membership to eligible military families. Eligible military families and personnel include Title 10 Deployed Guard/Reservist (Title 32 are not eligible). We are proud to continue the YMCA’s long legacy of supporting the needs of military service members and their families.
For those who are not eligible for the Military Outreach Initiative, the YMCA of Greater Springfield offers reduced membership rates for active military personnel and veterans.

Financial Assistance

Our YMCA Family Centers believe in making our programs and services affordable for all. We will not turn anyone away based on an inability to pay full fees. Applications are available at the Welcome Center. Scholarships are made possible through the generous contributions of YMCA donors.


Guest Policy